Young Person's National Entitlement Card

Young Person's National Entitlement Card is a scheme for young people aged 11 to 25 inclusive. On this page you can find out:

Aberdeenshire Council is currently making arrangements to replace National Entitlement Cards. For more information on what this will involve, please visit our Legal Notices section. 

Aberdeenshire council is working with Transport Scotland to make the 16-18 travel concession smart. Find out below how this affects you.

How to apply

If you attend an Aberdeenshire council secondary school you may be able to apply for a card there. Check with the school office to see if this is possible. If you have left school, attend a private school, or attend one of the council secondary schools where applications are not accepted you can obtain an application from some Council offices, or by contacting us.

Once you have completed and signed your application, please take it, in person, along with the relevant documents required to one of the selected Council offices for validation.

You will usually receive your card within three weeks of handing in your valid application form.

Relevant documents to accompany your application

  • One Passport-style photograph of yourself (head & shoulders taken on light background), and
  • Proof of your Age, and
  • Proof of your permanent Address (recent), and
  • Proof of Photo I.D. (photo driving licence, passport, or if not, a *Referee to validate the photo) *Referee must be someone that knows you (not a relative) and is in a professional occupation (teacher, nurse, community worker, social worker, police officer or a religious leader). They must write the following on the back of your photo "I confirm true likeness of {your full name} " and sign and date the back of the photo. Part 5 of the Application must also be completed by the Referee.

Travel concessions for Young Scot aged 16-18 yrs inclusive

Find out how to save money when travelling on busses, trains and ferries with Young Scot Card.

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