Policies, Strategies and Contracts

Public transport forms a key element of the council's transportation system, providing travel opportunities both within and to and from Aberdeenshire. It also offers the potential to combat the adverse economic and environmental effects of increasing traffic congestion in and around urban areas.


Within an overall Local Transport Strategy  objective “to work in partnership with local transport operators and communities with the aim to deliver improved services and address perceived barriers relating to public transport”, the specific Passenger Transport Strategy objectives are, working with our partners:

  • to support and deliver services and facilities that improve the quality of life of those without private means of travel;
  • to increase the attractive­ness and use of passenger transport services, aiming to increase their share of the total travel market;
  • to address perceived barriers to passenger transport through the provision of high quality services and facilities, that are accessible, reliable and user friendly;
  • to achieve best value and ensure cost effective and efficient service delivery, aiming to maximise the benefits of integrated passenger transport service provision;
  • to address issues of afford­ability for the travelling public;
  • to provide existing and potential passengers with information that is accurate and appropriate to their needs;
  • to understand our customers’ needs and expectations, through consultation and market research; and
  • to monitor and review the effectiveness of our policies and our ongoing service

 Details of the Council's policies which seek to achieve these aims are set out in the Public Transport Policy Statement which is set out within the Council’s Passenger Transport Strategy

Quality Partnership

The principal aims of a Quality Partnership are to enhance the quality, image and availability of bus services. The Council entered into a Quality Partnership for Public Transport in 1998 with Aberdeen City Council, First in Aberdeen and Stagecoach Bluebird. Significant progress has been achieved to date and a programme of further initiatives will address issues such as the delivery of passenger information, low floor buses, the development of Park and Ride services and improved passenger waiting facilities.

The Council will aim to develop multi-operator through-ticketing initiatives as part of the Quality Partnership for Public Transport, and in accordance with arrangements set out in the Transport (Scotland) Act 2001. The provision of buses, through the partnership, powered by environmentally friendly fuels will also be considered. The Council will also review, in consultation with Aberdeen City Council, Stagecoach Bluebird and First in Aberdeen, the present Quality Partnership arrangements in light of the new legislation.

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Bus services survey

Towards the end of 2019 we carried out a survey to gather the views of Aberdeenshire residents on public transport and to assist the council’s decision-making on how to prioritise spend.

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