Ready2Go conditions of booking and carriage

Ready2Go logoPassengers will only be carried if they have a booking and have received confirmation of their pick-up time.

Passengers should hold a valid ticket (or free bus pass) or pay the appropriate fare when boarding the bus. 

Passengers attempting to hail the bus or board it without a booking will not be carried. Bookings must be made using the Ready2Go app or by phoning 01467 535 333.

Passengers cannot request multiple stops on their journey.

When a passenger has requested an arrival time the actual arrival time may be earlier than the time requested at the time of booking.

A confirmation of booking does not guarantee that transport will operate. 

The bus may be delayed or cancelled due to factors outside our control such as traffic, road diversions, extreme weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. This could affect the arrival time of the bus at the designated pick-up bus stop and/or the arrival time of the bus at your destination.  We do not guarantee that the Ready2Go service will connect with any onward travel arrangements.  In the event of any cancellation, delay, diversion or termination of the bus or the Ready2Go service being unavailable, we shall not be liable for direct or indirect losses, damages, cost or inconvenience that you suffer as a result.

Passengers who have booked but are unable to travel are asked to cancel as early as possible.  If a passenger repeatedly fails to cancel we may suspend their use of the Ready2Go service.

If a passenger is not at their designated bus stop at the notified pick-up time the bus will wait for only a short period of time before leaving.

Drivers may provide passengers with assistance in boarding and alighting the vehicle.

Passengers should have regard for the needs of other passengers and, for example, vacate seats designed for disabled or older passengers if requested.  The designated wheelchair space should be made available for the use of any passenger using a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Buses have a designated wheelchair space for passengers using a wheelchair. Small prams and unfolded buggies may be carried subject to space being available but only if the designated area is not required for a passenger with a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Lightweight mobility scooters designated Class 2 may be carried by the agreement of the council and operator if they are no more than 600mm wide and 1,000m long and have a turning circle of no more than 1,200mm. The combined weight of scooter and rider must not exceed 375kg.

Passengers should wear a seat belt and remain seated while the bus is moving.

Passengers should avoid eating or drinking and must not smoke when on the bus.

Passengers should refrain from any anti-social or unsafe behaviour that could upset other passengers or the driver and should follow any reasonable instructions from the driver.

Passengers should be careful not to leave any belongings or litter behind when leaving the bus.

Passengers should not block gangways with bags or other items.

Passengers should not carry any items that could constitute a safety hazard, for example, weapons, hazardous materials or insecurely packed/wrapped fragile items that could break.

Passengers are welcome to travel with an assistance dog. Other well-behaved dogs or small animals are also allowed but normally only one will be allowed to travel at a time.  

Passengers should adhere to any additional Conditions of Carriage of the operator.

Aberdeenshire Council and the operator reserve the right to refuse carriage.

Lost property will be held for a month (unless perishable) after which time it will be disposed of unless the owner has been found.  There may be a charge for the return of lost property if the owner is unable to collect it. Perishable lost property will be disposed of if not claimed within 24 hours of being found.  Lost property should be reported by phoning 01467 535 333. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage to passengers’ property including lost property placed under our control.

Information on ticket types and fares for the most popular journeys can be found on Aberdeenshire Council’s website or passengers can phone the Council on 01467 533080 to request details of the fares and ticket options available for their journey.

Feedback on the service is valued by Aberdeenshire Council and can be provided using the feedback feature on the Ready2Go app or by phoning 01467 535 333 or emailing the Council’s travel dispatch centre at Should you consider that our response to your feedback is unsatisfactory, the council has a complaints process.