We have over 1800 bridges in Aberdeenshire, some of them built by Britain’s most eminent civil engineers.  Some are large but most are small; some are steel, concrete or timber but most are masonry arches. They are part of our built heritage.  We try to ensure that they are fit for purpose, their purpose being to transport people and vehicles over obstructions, mostly rivers.

All bridge types deteriorate over time and require regular maintenance.

We carry out routine inspections on a two yearly cycle and special inspections when necessary. Defects are noted and recorded, their causes determined and appropriate repair specifications prepared. Maintenance works are then prioritised.

Report a fault with a bridge

To report faults or damage to bridges please contact advising, if applicable:

  • the vehicle registration
  • time of incident
  • any other relevant information

All reported incidents are treated anonymously unless otherwise stated.

Restrictions on bridges

View information on weight, height, load and width restrictions on bridges in Aberdeenshire.

B968 Aboyne Bridge

View community updates about the Aboyne Bridge repairs.