We have over 1800 bridges in Aberdeenshire, some of them built by Britain’s most eminent civil engineers.  Some are large but most are small; some are steel, concrete or timber but most are masonry arches. They are part of our built heritage.  We try to ensure that they are fit for purpose, their purpose being to transport people and vehicles over obstructions, mostly rivers.

All bridge types deteriorate over time and require regular maintenance.

We carry out routine inspections on a two yearly cycle and special inspections when necessary. Defects are noted and recorded, their causes determined and appropriate repair specifications prepared. Maintenance works are then prioritised.

Report a fault with a bridge

To report faults or damage to bridges please contact advising, if applicable:

  • the vehicle registration
  • time of incident
  • any other relevant information

All reported incidents are treated anonymously unless otherwise stated.

Restrictions on bridges

View information on weight, height, load and width restrictions on bridges in Aberdeenshire:

Weight restrictions

Road NumberNameRoute To/FromSigned Restriction (Tonnes)Grid Ref
A939 Gairnshiel, Ballater A939 Deeside to Tomintoul Road 18 T MGW NJ 295 007
C35K Park, Drumoak A93 at Drumoak to B9077 South Deeside Road 3 T MGW NO 796 982
C67M Milltown of Towie, Glenkindie A97 at Glenkindie to Milltown of Towie 3 T MGW NJ 459 129
C80B Bishops, Cruden Bay A975 at Ashallow to C77B at Waterside 3 T MGW NK 071 366
C150C Milton of Drum*, Peterculter A93 near Peterculter to B9125 at Garlogie/Cullerie 7.5 T MGW NJ 795 014
U81C Inveramsay, Inverurie A96 North of Inveramsay to Harlaw 7.5 T MGW NJ 741 245
U81C Harlaw Railway*, Inverurie A96 North of Inveramsay to Harlaw 7.5 T MGW NJ 742 247
U91M Poldullie Bridge, Strathdon A944 to U93M near Bellabeg 3 T MGW NJ 349 125
U105K Brigton, Laurencekirk B974 at Sauchieburn to B9120 and A90 18 T MGW NO 675 704
U106B Abbey, Old Deer A950 at Deer Abbey to B9029 at Bridgend 3 T MGW NJ 966 481

Height restrictions

Road NumberNameRoute To/FromSigned Restriction (metres)Grid Ref
A97 Huntly Railway Station * Bogie Street, Huntly to A97 Aberdeen Road 4.190 M
(13ft 9")
NJ 536 397
A957 Old Lodge Ury * A957 Slug Road, Mackie Academy to A90 4.115 M
(13ft 6")
NO 866 865
B966 Fettercairn Royal Arch B966 Main Street, Fettercairn 3.655 M
NO 650 734
B993 Port Elphinstone (Keithall Road) * B993 Port Elphinstone 4.19 M
(13ft 9")
NJ 780 206
B9002 Near Mill of Carden (Oyne Fork) * Oyne Fork 4.645 M
(15ft 3")
NJ 691 256
B9022 Rothiemay Station (Near Tillytarmont) * B9022 Huntly to Glenbarry 4.035 M
(13ft 3")
NJ 533 460
C1K Stonehaven Railway Station * Kirkton Road - Arduthie Road, Stonehaven 3.655 M
NO 863 862
C7K Lower Powburn Railway, Fourdon * C7K, A90 South of Lower Powburn to B966 3.655 M
NO 743 749
C9K Myreside Railway, Marykirk * A937 West of Balmanno to A90 North of Drumgair 4.115 M
(13ft 6")
NO 688 672
C81M Birkenbower, Near Lumsden C81M near Lumsden to U82M at Birkenbower 2.800 M
(9ft 9")
NJ 466 210
C106S Dykehead Railway, Rothiemay * A96 Near Cairnie to B9022 3.35 M
522 468
C120C Craigmill Railway, Oyne * A96 Invercraig to C120C Craigmill 3.655 M
696 256
U69K Low Wood to Kirkton Railway, Stonehaven * Broomhill Road to Spurryhillock Industrial Estate, Stonehaven 3.655 M
NO 857 857
U76K Glenbervie Rail * A90 East of Mondoynes to U76K Broombank 3.81 M
(12ft 6")
NO 783 801
U110L Scotstown Footbridge U110L at Scotstown Banff 2.6m (8’-9”) NJ 684 646
U112L Howe of Gellymill , Macduff (Service Pipe) Gellymill Road, A947 to Pennyfields 3.960 M
NJ 701 635
U114S A96 Cemetery Road, Huntly * U114S at Huntly to A920 2.200 M
(7ft 6")
NJ 516 405

Bridges sensitive to high loads

Road NumberNameRoute To/FromRecorded Height (metres)Grid Ref
A92 A90 Glasslaw Flyover * A90 crossing at A92 at Glasslaw 5.935 M
(19ft 5")
NO 862 845
A947 Parkhill Footbridge A947 at junction with B977 & Buchan & Formartine Way footpath 5.700 M
(18ft 8")
NJ 889 144
B974 Cobbleheugh Railway, Marykirk * B974 where railway crosses road west of Marykirk 6.820 M
(22ft 4")
NO 683 660
B979 Glenury Viaduct (Netherly Road, Stonehaven) * B979 Glenury Cottages access road to A90T Stonehaven bypass near New Main of Ury 7.600 M
(24ft 11")
NO 8730 8715
B979 A90 Netherly Flyover * B979 under A90 (T) 6.710 M
NO 874 873
B987 A90 Tavelty Flyover, Kintore * B987 at A90 Tavelty Junction 5.125m (16’-9”) NJ 787 169
C3K Balfeith Railway, Fourdon * Fourdon to junction with B966 5.070m (16’-7”) NO 757 767
C13K A90 Cookston Flyover, Portlethen * C13K at A90 Cookston   NO 920 974
C13K A90 Findon Flyover * C13K at A90 Findon Interchange   NO 929 987
C111S A96 Coachford Underpass * C111S at Coachford to B9115 at Bomakelloch 5.250m (17’-2”) NJ 472 452
U61K Portlethen North Railway * U61K Thistle Drive, Portlethen to Findon Road, Findon 5.740 M
(18ft 9")
NO 927 975
U61 Portlethen South Railway * East of Portlethen Station to Thistle Drive, Portlethen 6.360 M
(20ft 10")
NO 925 972
U70K Kirkton of Fetteresso Railway * Feathers access road to Broomhill Road, Fetteresso 8.340m (27’-4”) NO 853 855
U74K Blackhill Railway Bridge, Drumlithie * U74K from C19K at Drumlithie to C72K near Forest Avenue 7.295 M
(23ft 11")
NO 7979 8123
U86K Rail Viaduct, Newtonhill A90 at Cammachmore to Elsick Mill, Newtonhill 10.00 M
(32ft 9")
NO 911 940
U90K Den of Logie Railway, Stonehaven *  A90 south of Logie Farm to B979 at Stonehaven 5.190m (17’) NO 883 874
U130K Lower North Water Rail Viaduct A92 at Lower North Water Bridge to A92 at Kirkside Gate 10.000 M
(32ft 9")
NO 725 623

Width restrictions

Road NumberNameRoute To/FromSigned Restriction (metres)Grid Ref
B966 Fettercairn Royal Arch B966 Main Street, Fettercairn 2.285 M
(7ft 6")
NO 650 734
C9K Mill of Barnes, Laurencekirk A90 at Drumgair to B9120 at Sauchieburn 2.85 M (9ft 6") NO 684 695
C35K Park, Drumoak A93 at Drumoak to B9077 South Deeside Road 2.1m, 6’-6” NO 796 982
C80B Bishops, Cruden Bay C80B at Waterside to U79B at Ardiffery Mains 1.980 M
(6ft 6")
NJ 071 366
U106B Abbey, Old Deer A950 at Deer Abbey to B9029 at Bridgend 2.000 M
(6ft 6") (Temporary)
NJ 966 481

 (*) Denotes that we are not the Bridge Authority responsible
T - metric tonnes
MGW - maximum gross weight

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