Road works improvement programme

You can view progress on our annual road works improvement programme. This includes the following types of road works:

View roads maintenance programme report

You can also view roads maintenance programme reports in a PDF format.

Road work types explained

Resurfacing and reconstruction works:

  • HRA inlay – removal of existing surface and inlay using Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) material
  • Bitmac overlay – overlaying existing road surface with bitmac material
  • Edge strengthening – removal of existing surface and relay using bitmac or Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA)  material

Road surface works:

  • Surface dressing works – application of emulsion and stone chips to road surface
  • Surface dressing preparation works (Prep works) – patching works to the road surface which is required prior to the surface dressing works (it may be carried out up to 12 months in advance of the dressings works)
  • Renew high friction surfacing – replacing specialised high friction surface at strategic locations such as bad bends, junctions or pedestrian crossings

Footway works:

  • New footway – entirely new section of footway (for example edge of village)
  • Kerb repairs and surface footway – repairs to existing footway including road edge kerbing a new bitmac surface
  • Slurry seal – application of a 6mm layer of bitumen onto the existing footway surface
  • Slurry seal preparation – patching works to the footway surface prior to the slurry seal works (this may be carried out up to 12 months in advance of the slurry seal works)

Traffic works:

  • Road markings and reflector studs – works to maintain existing road markings and reflector studs
  • Pedestrian guard rails – works to maintain existing railings
  • Pedestrian crossings and furniture – works to maintain existing pedestrian crossings and street furniture (such as traffic barriers, bollards, street lamps, traffic lights and signs)

Sign replacement, street lighting and drainage works:

  • Renew traffic signs, bollards and direction signs – works to renew existing traffic signs, bollards which are broken damaged or faded
  • New traffic signs – entirely new traffic signs, additional to existing infrastructure
  • Renew street name plates –  renewal of existing street name plates  that are broken damaged or faded
  • Drainage works – works associated with maintaining the road drainage infrastructure including installation of pipework and road gulleys
  • Lighting works – works to renew existing street lights including upgrading light source to LED