Road signs

Roads signs are provided to assist road users to undertake their journey safely. They provide route guidance, warn of hazards and indicate regulations that must be obeyed.

If you would like to suggest a location for a new traffic sign or report a problem with an existing sign then please contact your local roads office.

We will remove unauthorised signs and charge anyone erecting them for the cost of removal.

Here are some rules and criteria relating to road signs:

  • All signs erected on roads and verges must be legally approved signs
  • Advertising signs on roads or footpaths are not normally permitted; however, small temporary notices advertising local charity events are sometimes allowed, details can be found in the Guidelines for Unauthorised Signs
  • Brown tourist signs are permitted provided the facility complies with certain criteria, further details can be obtained from your local roads office
  • Speed limit and waiting restriction signs can only be erected at a location where a road traffic measure exists; producing a measure involves discussion with the police and a lengthy consultation process with road user groups and the public
  • We won't approve proposals from individuals to erect mirrors at sub standard accesses or junctions to facilitate visibility

View our guidelines for unauthorised signs in verges and footways (PDF 688KB).

Tourism signposting

Tourism signposting is an essential part of the basic tourist infrastructure of the Aberdeenshire area.

Effective signposting can make an important contribution to the economic health of the tourism industry by enhancing the visitors experience and having a key role by guiding visitors to their chosen destinations. This avoids confusion and encourages them to stay longer.

Tourist attractions, accommodation and eating establishments wishing to apply for signs will require to be accredited by VisitScotland and the thistle logo will be used at all times.

Those wishing to apply for tourist signs should initially contact your local roads office or VisitScotland.

Signs can vary in cost from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds depending on the size and location.

Signing of new housing developments

Developers must apply for permission to erect temporary signage for new housing developments. View our guidance for developers to get more information and find out how to make an application.