Street naming and numbering

The council is responsible for the naming and numbering of new or existing streets and buildings in Aberdeenshire. It is essential that all residential and commercial properties have an official and recognised address. This makes it easier for postal and emergency services, utility companies and the public to locate and refer to them.

Notifications of the new address or change of address are sent to Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey and the emergency services. Sometimes an existing property may not have been registered with Royal Mail in the past, but you may still receive a postal delivery to that address. If this is the case, you may have difficulties when purchasing goods or services from third parties as your address may not be recognised. You can check with us to confirm if your address has been registered. If it hasn’t, registering your property as a new address is required.


From Monday 11th September 2023, the following charges apply for property addressing, street naming and numbering. The fees are payable after submitting your application.

Addressing services Charge
Naming of new street, footpath or flatted development £215
Register a new address: 1 property £110
Register a new address: 2-5 properties £138
Register a new address: 6-10 properties £166
Register a new address: 11-25 properties £193
Register a new address: 26-50 properties £276
Register a new address: 51-100 properties £441
Register a new address: 101-150 properties £827
Register a new address: 151-200 and over properties £1103
Change of house name £44
Change of street name or flatted development £215
Advert fee (renaming)  Price on request
Admin fee for re-numbering a new development which has already completed street naming and numbering
(this is after the initial street naming and numbering has been confirmed)

How to apply

Please contact the Roads Development team before submitting an application. You can do so by emailing

All forms should be sent to the address or email address on the form. Please make sure that you are completing the correct form and that you have included all the necessary information before submitting.

View our privacy notices to find out what we do with your information:

Single property

Anyone who wishes to register an individual property should submit a completed application form along with a location plan that indicates the location of the property.

View the address request for single properties application form (PDF 45KB).

Multiple property

The below form should be used to address developments of more than one property. The developer should include a drawing showing the final layout of the properties within the development. The preferred format for the drawing is AutoCAD compatible DWG/DXF.

Roads and Landscape Services will consult with Local Councillors and Community Councils to agree new street names if required.

View the address request for multiple properties application form (PDF 46KB).

Change of address

Anyone who wishes to change the name of an existing property should submit a completed application form along with a location plan that indicates the location of the property to be named. The change of address may involve the addition of, the change of, or the removal of a property name. However, an existing house number will be retained.

View the change of address application form (PDF 40KB).

What happens next

We will review your applications and will advise you of the fees you need to pay.

After consulting with Royal Mail, we will email the applicant confirming the new postal address.

We will inform various agencies of the new address, this includes the emergency services, Ordnance Survey, utility companies and Scottish Assessors.

It may take several months for the address to show on all third-party databases. This is because companies download Royal Mail address data at different intervals throughout the year.