Car Share Scheme

“You tend to notice you haven’t been to the petrol station for a while.” David Jason

car share

As part of Aberdeenshire Council’s commitment to promoting alternatives to single occupancy car use the Council encourages car sharing. 

Aberdeenshire Council fund a free online service for anyone interested in car sharing in Aberdeenshire.  The scheme is open to car owners and those looking for a lift.  Simply:

  • Go to Get About Liftshare or phone 08700 111199
  • Enter your journey details – where you are going, when and how often
  • The system searches for possible matches and lists them for you on screen
  • You can then contact potential travel companions via an automated email system
  • Get About Liftshare includes a cost calculator to help you calculate the annual cost of your motoring and the potential financial savings to be made from car sharing.  It also answers several frequently asked questions
  • Remember car sharing might work for you some of the time or perhaps for part of a journey

There is a financial benefit to individuals who car share.  Research shows the average commuter can save up to £1000 a year.  There are also benefits to the wider community and environment.  These include reductions in congestion and carbon emissions.

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