Powered Two Wheels

Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are a low-cost form of transport and can be particularly convenient where public transport is not frequent and walking and cycling is not feasible.

They are also more fuel and space efficient than single occupancy cars and contribute less to congestion. However, safety for motorcyclists is always an issue.

The council has introduced specific signage on the popular recreational routes used by motorcyclists which has successfully reduced casualties. It also supports awareness campaigns and rider training initiatives aimed at motorcyclists and drivers.

You can read more about the wide range of benefits associated with increased use of powered two-wheel vehicles at the Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers website.

You can read more about road safety and Advanced Motorcycle Training at the RoSPA website. The Road Safe document is available there detailing how to avoid the five most common accidents. The RoSPA site also has information on Safer Motorcycling through Work.

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