Remote Working

Thanks to email, and the internet remote working is a practical option for most employees and allows them to fulfil their work commitments without the need to either travel to the office or to clients' offices.laptop computer outdoors

This will not be suitable for every individual or business. However, working at home and video conferencing make remote working an alternative worthy of consideration.

Even working from home once a fortnight reduces an employee's commuting time by 10%.

Potential benefits of working remotely

  • Reduces the need to travel - which saves time, money and the environment
  • Improved quality of life for employees, because it is easier to combine work and family commitments
  • Easier to concentrate and less unnecessary interruptions
  • Saves space at the office and allows 'hot-desking', potentially resulting in reduced building costs
  • Increased flexibility for employees

Potential barriers to working remotely

  • Self-motivation of employees is required as there are no managers around to ensure work is being completed efficiently and on time
  • Not in the office for important meetings
  • Absence of the personal touch with colleagues or clients
  • Often heavy reliance on technology - no IT people around to fix the computer

How you can effectively introduce remote working into your organisation

  • Installing video conferencing
  • Encourage a home/work balance in your organisation.
  • Trust your staff to self-motivate

Remote working in Aberdeenshire Council

Many Aberdeenshire Council staff are able to take advantage of remote working, with access to communication tools from their own computers including:

You can find out more about what facilities are available and how they are used via the WorkSpace programme.