Your car

We are committed to increasing levels of walking, cycling, use of public transport and car sharing. However, the car will remain a vital part of every day life.

Because of rising fuel prices and changes to the taxation system such as the Vehicle Excise Duty, how you choose to use your car and which car you choose will become increasingly important choices.

Fuel efficiency

You can save hundreds of pounds on fuel each year just by changing your driving technique. Some useful tips on driving more economically are available from the Energy Saving Trust.

The AA also provide information on their website about choosing Petrol, Diesel or the Alternatives in their Car Buyers Guide.

Choice of vehicle

When you purchase a new vehicle you may wish to consider which Road Tax Band it will fall in. Information on Road Tax is available from

Remember you can share the costs of fuel and the burden of driving by car sharing. Find out more by visiting getabout liftshare.

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