Bike Storage

Cycle racks and lockers

Aberdeenshire council is committed to providing integrated cycle and public transport facilities for longer journeys within the area, such as cycle racks and lockers at stations and the provision to carry cycles ellon cycle lockerson buses and trains. Cycle lockers have been installed at all the railway stations in Aberdeenshire and at Park and Ride sites. Cycles can also be carried on a number of principal bus routes in Aberdeenshire.

Cycle racks are available at all railway stations in Aberdeenshire. Regular cyclists may wish to make use of the enclosed lockers at the following stations.

Lockers for hire

Railway stations

Lockers are available for hire at railway stations: 

  • Huntly (2)
  • Insch (4)
  • Stonehaven (4)

You have to pay a deposit of £10 (returnable) and a rental fee that depends on the length of time: 

  • £5 for 4 weeks
  • £13.50 for 12 weeks
  • £24 for 24 weeks
  • £40 for 52 weeks

For more information or to book a locker, please contact Linda Black during office hours on 01467 534331 or

Ellon Park and Ride

The Ellon Park and Ride site has 14 lockers. You have to pay a deposit of £10 (returnable), and you can use these lockers for as long as you require.

To inquire about a locker please visit the Ellon Park and Ride office between 6.30am and 5.30pm. 

Bikes on buses

Aberdeenshire council and StageCoach Bluebird are working in partnership to allow cyclists to stow their bicycles on a number of Stagecoach services throughout Aberdeenshire.

The services allowing bikes to be carried are listed below:  

We recommend that you book Buchan Xpress services ahead of travel. 

For other services, simply inform the driver when boarding the bus. They will open the luggage hold and allow the bike to be stored at no extra cost.

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