Support and funding for low emission vehicles

The council has developed a Low Emission Vehicle Delivery plan (PDF 809KB) to support the growth in electric vehicles in Aberdeenshire. The plan sets out how we will take action to deliver infrastructure and soft measures to promote the use of electric vehicles. The council is also working to expand the network of electric vehicles charge points across the area.

Why choose Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have several advantages:

  • electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel, costing around 2p a mile depending on your electricity tariff 
  • they are exempt from Road Tax
  • charging time can only take between 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on the type of charger used
  • you can get domestic charge point funding for your home
  • their average annual mileage is 8,850 miles, higher than an average car in the UK (National Travel Survey)
  • car manufacturers have extended their warranty to protect the battery for up to 8 years