i-Bike project

The council, in partnership with sustrans, is one of 12 local authorities taking part in the I-Bike project.

The role of the I-Bike officer is to:

  • increase cycling to school levels in upper stage primary and secondary
  • close the gender gap with those who cycle (statistics show a drop off with the number of girls who cycle)

The I-bike officer works with a cluster of schools at a time and the projects works on a 3 year cycle.

YEAR 1: School will see intensive working with a set list of schools. Each officer develops a tailored and structured programme of cycling related activities for the whole school community.

YEAR 2: The officer takes a step back from these schools and is still available to help organise events but the schools take more ownership of the activities. This enables the officer to engage and work with different schools.

YEAR 3: The Schools take the lead, but the officer is always available to support the schools and provide resources.

More information on i-bike project can be found on the sustrans website.


You can contact us by emailing transportationstrategy@aberdeenshire.gov.uk  or calling us at 01467 536929

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