Lesson plans

Useful lesson plans to help pupils understand what a school travel plan is and aid discussions on safer routes to school issues. See how these guides all fit into the Curriculum for Excellence

Embedding active and sustainable travel resource pack

The council, with support from their primary schools have designed a resource pack for teaching staff on the themes of active and sustainable transport. This provides a in depth and clear guide for schools who wish to incorporate active and sustainable travel messages into their lessons. Lessons are grouped under themes, age groups and show links to the curriculum. 

View embedding active and sustainable travel into education resource pack (pdf 1.96MB).

Signage and stopping distances workshop

This workshop looks at the different distances vehicles need to come to a stop when travelling at different speeds. There is also an opportunity to discuss other factors which affect braking distances, such as the weather, size of vehicle and drivers attention. 

View our workshop resources:

Mind maps

Use the Mind Maps to allow pupils to discuss the pros and cons of travelling by different modes of transport.

Walking bus guide

A walking bus is an organised group of children walking on the school route, escorted by adult volunteers. A walking bus travels along a set route, picking up and dropping off children at pre-agreed stops at times listed in a timetable.

Walking zone guide

Guide produced on how to create a walking zone map for your school, showing distance in time from the school gate. 

Walking audit guide

Conducting a walking audit with pupil sis a useful tool to gather their opinions on road layouts and routes to school, this evidence is here.

Park and stride guide

How to set up a Park & Stride site. Guide produced by Living Streets.

Active travel

Projects aimed to encourage regular active travel to school:

Scooting to School Workshop and Guides:

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of pupils travelling to school on scooters . To encourage this safely, Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeen City Council and Moray Council have jointly created a Scooter Skills Workshop. This has been designed to allow schools to run the program themselves and is adaptable to fit into the schools work program.

Scooter Skills Workshop (pdf 2.16MB)

Scooter Skills Notes for Pupils (pdf 1.3MB)

Scooter Skills Certificate for Pupils (pdf 798KB)

Please feel free to use these resources, if you wish to provide us with feedback on this or have any questions please get in touch with your School Travel Planning Officer.

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