Park Smart - safe parking around schools

In Aberdeenshire, 1 in 5 pupils are driven to school every day. This adds up to a lot of cars trying to park around our schools. It often leads to illegal and irresponsible parking with regular concerns being raised.

Poor parking around schools can cause: 

  • road safety concerns for many trying to walk or cycle to school safely
  • a nuisance for residents living near schools 
  • barriers to anyone who may  be in a wheelchair 
  • discouragement from walking or cycling to school due to safety concerns 

We believe every child has the right to come to school safely and shouldn't have their safety compromised by dangerous parking around the school. 

To tackle the problem we developed a campaign called Park Smart. It provides tools to parents and schools to encourage sensible and appropriate parking.

There are campaign materials available and support from our Transportation team to help parents and schools run a comprehensive campaign. The materials include guidance notes, campaign leaflet, pledges and homework exercises.

The idea is that information is sent home at various points throughout the year, so the campaign is constantly revisited and families reminded. 


To discuss how the campaign can help tackle the problem and what support is available, please get in touch at or phone 01467 536929.