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(Aberdeenshire Specialist Technology Service)

ASPECTS is a service staffed by teachers with a specialism in the sourcing, developing and using ICT to support children and young people with additional support needs.   We aim to assist pupils whose needs cannot be met from within the school’s resources.   ASPECTS can provide advice, training, hardware and software as appropriate to the needs of the children. 


Children referred to ASPECTS should be at Stage 3 and 2 of the staged intervention model.  Priority will be given to Stage 3 children.

Who do we support?

We work with any child from the age of 3 years, educated by Aberdeenshire Council.  These children will be at Stage 3 or Stage 2 in the Staged Intervention model.

What may we provide?

We provide consultation, advice, training, assistive technology as appropriate to the needs of the child.  It is imperative that staff participate in CPD to train them appropriately in the use of any hardware or software provided to ensure it will be utilised.

When should ASPECTS be contacted?

Class teachers should firstly review the learning environment, class curriculum, and resources to meet the needs of the child.  When this has been done ASPECTS involvement may be sought by the submission of a Referral from a school, educational psychologist or other support service -

Where is the support delivered?

In Aberdeenshire nurseries, schools and out with school (when appropriate to the needs of the child).


Post 16


ASPECTS currently provides support to pupils remaining in Aberdeenshire secondary education until leaving age.

Pupils moving on to College placements may be eligible for money towards the purchase of their own equipment sourced from disability payments. Funding may also be obtained through the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).

How to make a Referral

ASPECTS Referral Form - Level 3, Level 2. For individualised provision

ASPECTS Informal Referral Form - For advice and Training

Referral may be made by professionals using link above to complete and submit the ASPECTS Referral Form.  We are unable to accept referrals made by parents.

Please note, it is the responsibility of the professional making the referral to ensure that all relevant, detailed information is included including external agency contact details.  Reference must be made to what support has already been tried with each pupil and supporting documentation should also be emailed (eg current IEP).  Incomplete forms will result in delays for assessment and potential support.

Please use official Aberdeenshire email addresses as points of contact (eg Glow mail) as Aberdeenshire Policy dictates that pupils’ data cannot be sent to personal email addresses.

NOTE: Referrals can also be made by teachers via our Glow site using the link below:

Please use the glow pages for information, training resources etc.



“My child has Dyslexia, how will they be supported?”

Within Aberdeenshire schools, computers have TextHelp Read & Write software installed.  This software is a world leading software in supporting dyslexic students. It is used in 93% of tertiary education establishments in the UK, ensuring your child is accessing the best support in line with industry standards


Can a pupil take an ASPECTS laptop/tablet home with them?


All newer ASPECTS machines are built with the ability to be used safely with a home internet connection when appropriate.  The machines are set up with special internet filtering software (called Umbrella) which meets the network safety and filtering requirements at school. 


If your son/daughter currently has an ASPECTS computer which is not set up to be used with your home internet, and they require home internet access to continue learning away from school, please speak to your SFL teacher in the first instance. 


We would ask that pupils are extra careful when taking ASPECTS equipment out of school, broken machines take time and money to repair/replace, and temporary replacements are not easy to come by as each one takes time to be specially built to meet individual pupil needs. 


Laptops/tablets and software are provided to enhance learning and should only be used for educational purposes, and only by the pupil the device is registered to.



Can a pupil bring their own computer to school and connect it to school networks?  (This is known as ‘Bring Your Own Device’, or ‘BYOD’)


Aberdeenshire do not currently allow pupils to connect their own devices to the schools network. The council needs to ensure that the network capacity is sufficient to allow this without impacting on the existing devices already in use in schools. A pilot in one Aberdeenshire School will shortly be started to investigate this before a decision can be taken on whether to make this facility available in all schools.


If a pupil is not supported by ASPECTS, but I think they would benefit from specialist equipment to enhance their learning, can I purchase an ASPECTS built laptop or software from ASPECTS, for the pupil to use at school or at home?


ASPECTS does not have the ability to purchase equipment on behalf of individual parents, guardians or pupils, this is due procurement regulations.  If you feel that a pupil in your care requires additional help with their learning, you can speak to the school in the first instance about whether a referral to ASPECTS might be helpful.  ASPECTS will carefully assess a pupil’s need for specialist learning support and provide support as necessary.


Aberdeenshire Council provides Texthelp read write for pupils to use within school.

We are pleased to announce we can offer pupils of Aberdeenshire purchase rights to the software to use at home at a 50% discount.

Please click here to download the form.

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