Support for Autism

fishing boySupport in Schools

Aberdeenshire Education and Children's Services provides placement opportunities and provision in mainstream schools, support bases and special schools to reflect the diversity of needs of children and young people with autism.

It is further proposed that within each Aberdeenshire Children's Services Network (CSN) a multi-agency approach will be established to promote good practice in support for autism. This will include professionals and parents who have undergone specialist training and/ or have developed an expertise in autism support. This will initially be piloted on a case study basis in identified CSNs. This approach has evolved from the Aberdeenshire autism outreach service and will replace it in due course,

Guidance for Schools

Aberdeenshire Education and Children's Services has also developed guidance and information for schools to help them in supporting children with autism. As part of this a staged intervention procedure has been developed to meet the needs of children and young people on the autistic spectrum.  This provides a model for the development of an autism friendly school. These procedures acknowledge the role of several agencies in developing consistency in both school and home environments Schools and networks can adapt this framework to reflect local circumstances. Emphasis is placed on supporting children and young people as they progress through the school system to adult life. A model for transition, the pupil passport workbook, is also included.

Working Together to Support Autism

Further advice about the school environment, curriculum and communication in relation to autism is available in the Aberdeenshire Accessibility file, which is in all schools.  All teachers have a copy of the CD-ROM, which also contains this information.

Information is also available in The Aberdeenshire Strategy for Autism (pdf 773 KB).

A Spectrum of Ideas

Are you looking for some fresh ideas for a family day out, clubs in your area that your child may want to attend or simply some tried and tested tips for planning a trip or holiday?

This booklet (pdf 205 kb) has been compiled by Shirley Campbell, a parent of a young person with autism. It gives tried and tested advise in planning trips, clubs and holidays, in and around Aberdeenshire from local parents. It is also available in you local library.

Professional Development

Aberdeenshire EL&L recognises the importance of professional development in the field of autism. A range of courses is available to all staff. An important role of the network approach is to further provide training and support to all partners in the Children's Services Network including pre-school education providers.

Professional development is offered on a multi-agency basis to staff in Children's Services Networks in a number of ways:

Aberdeenshire Early Intervention programme provides staff development for teachers of children at Primary 1 and 2 stages. This also gives opportunities to work alongside parents.

The Aberdeenshire Educational Psychology Service provides guidance, training and research information to schools. Teachers interested in undertaking action research can also obtain guidance and support from the Educational Psychology Service.

Further Help and Support

The Advocacy for Education service aims to empower, encourage and enable parents and carers by providing accurate information and quality support through a telephone support line. The service is divided into two specialist areas and is provided by volunteer advisors who have undergone extensive training.

As a parent or carer, if you wish to contact the service you can call
0845 070 4002. You will be asked to leave your name and number and a volunteer advisor will contact you as soon as they can.

Alternatively you can email the service at

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