Become a funded provider

We were required by Scottish Government to expand funded early learning and childcare entitlement for all 3 and 4 years, and eligible 2-year-olds, to 1140 hours from August 2020.

Any provider of early learning and childcare that is based in Aberdeenshire, meets the criteria set out in the National Standard for early learning and childcare providers and agrees to the council's contract terms can apply to become a funded provider.

The National Standard sets out the criteria that all funded providers, regardless of whether they are in the public, private or third sector, need to meet to deliver the funded entitlement beyond August 2021. The criteria focus on what children and their families should expect from their early learning and childcare experience. This ensures that, as part of the provider neutral 'Funding Follows the Child' approach, there is consistency of high quality provision across all funded provider types.  

If your application is approved, your setting will be required to sign and return a contract before any early learning and childcare (ELC) service can be delivered and before payments can be made. View the Early learning and childcare contract (PDF 800KB).

The contract will start the term after the contract has been signed and returned.

In Aberdeenshire all payments are carried out electronically. We will send an Excel template to complete, therefore it is important that every provider has access to Excel, so payments can be made.

View the formal notice (PDF 67KB).

How to apply

The application process remains open. Childcare settings must meet the National Standards prior to completing the application form (available in two formats):

Completed application should be emailed to