Education and Children's Services Policy Framework

The Education and Children's Services Service uses a series of national and local policies to govern how the services are delivered. In addition, our National Improvement Framework plan details how we will make improvements to experiences and education of young people in Aberdeenshire.

The Education and Children's Services Policy Framework sets out the guiding principles, policy commitments and long term goals that form the basis for policies and procedures which give direction to the planning and development of the service.

Culture and leadership

Culture and Leadership policy statement (PDF 118KB)

Developing our Systems, Structures and Staff Development

Developing our Systems, Structures and Staff Development policy statement (PDF 130KB)

Improving learning

Improving Learning policy statement (PDF 130KB)

Effective Resources Management

View Aberdeenshire policies and guidelines:

National Curriculum


National policy and statutory guidance:

View the Aberdeenshire Early Learning and Childcare Policy for Admission (PDF 199KB).


National policies and statutory guidance:

Education (Scotland) Act 1980, s28A (as amended by subsequent legislation)

Aberdeenshire policies and guidelines:

Planning and performance

Planning and Performance Policy Statement (PDF 130KB)

National policy and statutory guidance:

Aberdeenshire policies and guidelines

Service standards and quality reports

Promoting inclusion

Promoting Inclusion Policy Statement (PDF 137KB)

Sustainable Communities and Economies

Sustainable Communities and Economies policy statement (PDF 130KB)

Community Learning and Development

National policies and statutory guidance:

Aberdeenshire policies:

Working and Learning together to build stronger communities in Aberdeenshire 2009-2012 (PDF 410KB)


Aberdeenshire policies:

A to Z of Policies