Qualifying Awards for Horse Riding and Pony Trekking

British Horse Society

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Stage 1. This is the basic qualification of the Society and although a proprietor may allow a holder to escort a group under close supervision, the qualification should be regarded as a stepping stone towards B.H.S. stage II.

Stage II. To obtain this qualification the person must also have successfully completed the B.H.S. Riding test. This is generally recognised as being the minimum qualification acceptable for providing adequate supervision of basic hacking and trekking activities.
Preliminary Teaching Test. The basic teaching award of the B.H.S.

Stage III. Those holding Stage III award and a preliminary teaching test automatically become Assistant Instructors. Holders of these awards are very competent and able to teach up to exam level and run a stable.
NB: There are relatively few people who hold awards above this level and those who do will be very experienced and are likely to be involved in teaching exam career students.

horseEquestrian Tourism

  1. Assistant Ride Leader
  2. Ride Leader
  3. Holiday Centre Riding Manager




Levels are equivalent to the Trekking and Riding Society of Scotland’s certificates as stated below. Holders of qualifications from either body will have a current Health and Safety First Aid certificate and hold a B.H.S. Riding and Road Safety certificate or the S/NVQ riding and road unit.

For further information on these qualifying awards, refer to: http://www.bhs.org.uk/

The Trekking and Riding Society of Scotland

i) Ride Leader
The holder of this award is competent to take charge of a trek or hack of up to two hours duration provided the staff to client ratio does not exceed 1 to 6, and to assist the Senior Ride Leader on longer treks and hacks.  He\She will be capable of supervising a centre on a single day basis in the absence of a Senior Ride Leader or Centre Operator if covered by insurance.

ii)  Senior Ride Leader
The holder of this award will be competent to take charge of all treks and hacks of whatever duration or level.  He/she is also capable of sole charge of a centre in the absence of the Centre Operator for a period not exceeding one month.

iii) Centre Operator
The holder of this award is competent to operate, manage and control all aspects of a riding/trekking centre on a permanent, financially secure basis.  He/she should have the ability to recruit and train staff suited to the leisure riding industry.


For further information on these qualifying awards, refer to http://www.ridinginscotland.com/

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