Qualifying Awards for Other Adventurous Activities

kite surfer

For Simple Low Key Activities’ Leaders should consider both the objective dangers involved in the activity itself, and in addition, any hazards implicit in the environment in which the activity takes place. This is best achieved by undertaking a risk assessment.

Leaders should ensure that they have the relevant experience appropriate to the planned activity and to the environment in which they intend to operate.

For ‘More Adventurous Activities’ elements of the competence required may be contained within various qualifying awards and advice on this should be sought from the Adventurous Activities Consultant.
For many situations site specific training to complement awards will be essential. This, to all intents and purposes places these activities outwith the scope of staff within council establishments. Such activities are often included in the itineraries of external activity providers. All approved external providers who offer ‘adventurous activities’ as part of their programmes will have met the council’s requirements in terms of their safety management procedures.

All leaders taking charge of adventurous activities out of doors should hold a current first aid qualification.

Improvised Raft Building

The leader overseeing the building and use of an improvised raft must hold appropriate life saving or paddlesport awards to effectively and safely manage any capsizes, entrapments or break-ups. This must take account of the nature of the water being used.

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