Adventure Activity Consultant (AAC)

The Adventure Activity Consultant is Adventure Scotland, trading as AS Training and Consultancy, who act as advisers to the council on all issues relating to activities of an adventurous nature.

Adventure Scotland carry out a variety of functions related to safety management, including:

  • Technical advice on policy formulation and operational procedures
  • Checking and processing notifications - notifications of adventurous activities are submitted to Adventure Scotland who process these forms and give recommendations to the Head of Establishment prior to an event being approved (this process may also entail discussions with the organiser of the event prior to recommendations being given)
  • Providing in-service training - Adventure Scotland offers training in low hill walking, rockwall climbing and trail cycling to enable council employees and volunteers to supervise these activities on an in house basis
  • Managing the register of Approved External Providers of adventurous activities - Adventure Scotland manage the registration process which companies who provide of adventurous activities must undergo before they can be used by council establishments
  • Carrying out monitoring and inspection visits - Adventure Scotland offer support and guidance to both in house and external providers of adventurous activities by carrying out routine visits of notified activities, as well as comprehensive annual inspections of technical equipment held within council establishments
  • Finally, Adventure Scotland act as a continual source of advice and guidance for all council employees who intend to offer adventurous activities to council groups and welcome all enquiries in this respect

Contact Adventure Activity Consultant

AS Training and Consultancy
Croft House
PH22 1QJ
Telephone: 01479 811411
Mobile: 07768 432249

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