Informing Parents

Aberdeenshire Council's safety policy requires that parents should be informed at an early date with full and explicit information about proposed outdoor activities.

Employees designated as organisers of an outdoor activity must send a communication containing the information indicated below to parents in advance of the time during which the activity will take place.

Specimen Information Sheet Check List

  • Name and designation of official authorising the activity.
  • Name of organisation promoting the activity (School/Community Centre/Care Facility etc.)
  • Name of external organisation contracted to provide the activity.
  • Is the provider a licensed adventure activity provider? List activities for which license is held, expiry date and license number.
  • Names(s) and designation(s) of person(s) responsible for the planning and conduct of the activity.
    Relevant technical qualification(s) and experience of instructor(s)/leader(s).
    Name(s) and qualification(s) of any other adult accompanying the group
  • Number in group:
  • Age range of group.
  • Detailed statement on proposed activity including location, duration and demand likely to be made on participants.
  • Preparatory training undertaken/completed and level of ability which participant must possess before they are permitted to take part.
  • Details of proposed programme including:
    Transport (type, pick up and dispersal points and timings)
    Accommodation (location, description, telephone number)
    Meals/food arrangements
  • Clothing to be worn or carried
  • Equipment to be provided.
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons designated as contacts between parents and party.
  • Procedures to be followed in an emergency by parents, leaders or contact persons.
  • Statement of insurance-cover provided for members of the group by the Council and/or School/Centre/Organisation (see below).
  • Medical services provided or available to the party during the course of the activity.
  • Advice that the Safety in Outdoor Education report is freely available for inspection at the school/centre/college.
  • Any other relevant information.

Note: It is essential that the attention of parents is directed to the need for retaining all relevant information, so that, in the event of an emergency, accurate information is readily available.

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