Procedures for All Off-Site Activities

All off-site excursions must operate within Aberdeenshire Council Policies, Procedures and legislative requirements.

The guidance below “Procedures for all Off-Site Excursions” sets out the procedures for Education and Children's Services staff that are planning and carrying out any off-site excursion with young people.

Procedures for all Off-Site Excursions (pdf 494kb)


It seeks to define current best practice and informs the arrangements within the Council’s management systems for the consistent assurance of that best practice.

 The document is not a definitive guide but must be considered as the principal source of guidance and instruction to help ensure the safe management and delivery off all Off-Site Excursions. 

The guidance is underpinned by the Scottish Government framework document “Going Out There” which establishes the tone and spirit for the delivery of outdoor learning and outdoor education.

The planning, organisation and participation on trips is of a voluntary nature (unless there are contractual implications) but where such trips are organised they must comply with these guidelines.

“No amount of planning can guarantee that an excursion will be totally incident free, but good planning and attention to safety measures can reduce the number of accidents and lessen the seriousness of those that do happen.”


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