motor skills

Developing Motor Skills - games to help your child develop Gross Motor Skills

NHS GrampianThe information on this page is also available to download:

There are lots of commercial games and toys available that will help your child to develop their gross motor skills for balancing and moving around. Shops like Argos or local and national toyshops are a great place to start, or you can find many items through online retailers such as Amazon.

  • Twister / globe trotting
  • Cranium hullabaloo and cadoo
  • Hopscotch mats or markings with chalk
  • Space hoppersbicycle
  • Pogo sticks
  • Stilts
  • Trampoline
  • Skipping ropes
  • Bikes, trikes and scooters
  • Roller skates and blades
  • Parachute
  • Skittles
  • Climbing frames
  • Tunnels
  • Swings
  • Chutes
  • Going to the local play park
  • Balls and bats / Frisbees
  • Hula hoops
  • Plastic hockey sticks and golf sets
  • Swingball
  • Stepping stones
  • Charades for kids
  • Giant games like snakes & ladders, draughts and connect 4
  • Elefun

We are sure you can think of lots more games, toys and activities that your child would enjoy.  Remember to encourage them to enjoy moving and experimenting with toys without pressuring them into doing it just the same way as you would.