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School Catering Service

What about Aberdeenshire School Meals?

Aberdeenshire Primary school meals and menus are the culmination of work that involves comprehensive recipe and menu planning.

All Primary school pupils receive a copy of our menus and additional information in an attractive leaflet to take home. This gives parents the opportunity to discuss and plan menu choices with their children in advance. This is particularly helpful where Vegetarian preferences are involved.

Aberdeenshire Council School Catering Service to Primary schools holds the Soil Association Food for Life Bronze Catering Mark which offers the guarantee that fresh food you can trust is always on the menu.

A planning group consisting of Area Catering Officers, Catering Trainers, a Paediatric Community Dietician and School Cooks work to devise menus that are popular with pupils and which also meet nutritional requirements set out in the Scottish Government Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2018.

Menus reflect National recommendations for changes to diet that include:

  • Increased emphasis on fruit and vegetables
  • Reduction in total fat and saturated fat
  • Reduction in sugar and sugar based items
  • Inclusion of oily fish
  • Reduction in salt content

Some very good reasons for taking a School Meal:

  • It is prepared fresh daily by trained staff many of whom are also parents
  • It is attractive, convenient, of good quality and offers variety and a daily choice
  • The Sandwich Platter saves parents the chore of making a pack lunch
  • It is a balanced meal providing 1/3 of a child’s daily nutrient needs

In addition to a Main course other important features include:

  • Fresh made soup is available at least once a week
  • Baked potatoes with a filling are available daily
  • At least one vegetarian option is always on offer
  • A selection of breads are included as part of a lunch meal
  • Salads and vegetables of the day
  • Fresh fruit is always available as a dessert option


For any enquiry, you can contact our school catering service by email at

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