Scottish Youth Parliament elections 2019 - 2021


The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) vision is of a stronger, more inclusive Scotland that empowers young people by truly involving them in the decision making process. We do this through our members (MSYPs) who are elected young people aged between 14 and 25 representing different areas and voluntary organisations from across the whole of Scotland.

How to vote

Voting is open from Monday 18th March at 9am to Friday 29th March at 5pm.

To vote you must be between 12 and 25 years old and either live or be in education within Aberdeenshire.

Vote to elect the people you want to represent you 


Below are the candidates with a summary of their manifesto, view their full manifesto. 

Aberdeenshire East candidates

Josh MacRae

I have worked hard to support young people in Aberdeenshire East to enact change in their communities and this enthusiasm will not run dry going into this election. I remain committed to encouraging young people to participate in the political process, by registering to vote and keeping informed with current affairs. I recognise the growing need for young people to maintain their mental health, so that they can succeed and reach their goals, be they academic, creative, athletic or vocational. Supporting the next generation to thrive and flourish in our communities is a high priority for me, which is why I support the offering of a range of extra-curricular opportunities and the implementation of the workplace rights to which young people are entitled legally. Having a transport network which works for young people the same as other age groups is vital in tackling social inequality and isolation, which is why I will play an active role in supporting the 'All Aboard' campaign to improve the current situation for constituents in Aberdeenshire East. If you believe, as I do, in this vision for our local communities, I urge you to vote Josh in this election. 

Finn Dixon

You should vote for me because: I come from a background as diverse as Scotland itself, making me value everyone's views equally and fairly.  I pride myself on this as it makes me easy to talk to if you have a query or issue you want me to take forward. I never give up on campaigns; I am very organised, so can devote a lot of time to projects and representing others. Having participated in pupil voice activities in my school and local area, I have experience of making change happen and I know I love it. If I am elected, I promise to work on issues that are important to young people in my area and Scotland as a whole. For example, lack of public transport can leave young people in rural areas quite isolated. As an instrumentalist, I know the importance of working hard to secure a future for publicly funded instrumental tuition in schools and the orchestras out of school that go alongside them. I am passionate about ensuring there is a sustainable environment for our generation to live in. I want to make sure there are welcoming, comfortable places for young people to meet and socialise. 

Kaylah Miller

believe people should vote for me as I have a real passion to represent the younger people of the community. I feel that I can effectively listen to the problems and concerns that young people have and work towards bringing about change in the local area. I also feel that being a young person myself allows me to easily relate to many of the opinions and thoughts of the young people in the area and reassure them that as young people their voice is just as valuable and important as anyone else’s. Furthermore, I consider myself to have great communication skills and feel comfortable working as part of a team or independently. I am also not afraid to stand up against others if I do not feel that something is fair or in the best interests of the people I am representing. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, I consider myself to be an open, honest and approachable person who feels confident in talking to people. I feel if given the opportunity, I would not only thoroughly enjoy the role of being an MSYP but would fulfil the role to a high standard. 

Ewan Birnie

 I want to be a friendly face + a strong advocate for change in our community, I also want to make a difference to people's lives positively. I want to meet and talk to as many young people as possible to her their views on issues that affect them. I want to stand up for everyone and not just one group. I would serve all to the best of my ability. 

North Angus and Mearns candidates

Isla Young

My name is Isla Young and I am 15 years old. I would like to be a MSYP to let young people in my area be heard about issues and problems that we face in the area. I want to work together to tackle these issues and other issues around Scotland with other members of youth parliament to ensure the best way forward. As a disabled young person I can assure you that I will be representing a group of people who don’t get heard enough and I intend to tackle inequalities so that people gain the confidence and respect they would hope for. I wish to be a part of the Scottish Youth Parliament to be a part of the decision making process that effects and can change the lives young people. 

Neve Birkett-Hodson

I value the opportunity to represent the young people in my constituency. Over the past year I have found myself being more involved in my community: in the Stonehaven youth platform, we have helped local primary schools with clearing their playgrounds and we also held a Dementia Disco- inviting older folks to join us for a few dances. One of my favourites was being a part of the Aberdeenshire youth platform and helping with the pull together of the Haddo House Mash-up event. In late 2017 I became an ambassador for the Year of Young People 2018. My volunteering with the youth platforms and the YOYP has giving me more insight into what the young people of my constituency are most concerned about. I would most like to be an MSYP so that the young people in my constituency can have their voices heard. 

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