Blue Badge

Blue Badge

The Blue Badge Scheme allows eligible people to park close to amenities they would otherwise have difficulty accessing. You can use this as either a driver or a passenger.

Transport Scotland supports the council to administer the scheme.


You can qualify for a Blue Badge under 6 different criteria:

  • Automatic if you are in receipt of eligible disability benefits
  • Subject to further assessment (for people who are unable or virtually unable to walk)
  • Children under 3 years old who need to be close to a vehicle
  • Driver with severe disability in both arms
  • Risk in Traffic 
  • Organisational

You can check if you are eligible for a Blue Badge on the Scottish Government website under all these criteria apart from the risk in traffic and organisation criteria.

Risk in Traffic

You can apply for a Blue Badge under the Risk in Traffic criteria on behalf of someone aged 3 years or over who have: 

  • a diagnosed mental disorder or cognitive impairment
  • a letter that confirms this diagnosis
  • no awareness of danger from traffic and be likely to compromise your safety, or the safety of others


A Blue Badge can be issued to an organisation that both cares for and transports disabled people who would meet the eligibility criteria for an individual Blue Badge.

Organisations can only apply for an organisational badge if they are responsible for both a persons care and transport, and are unable to use the individual Blue Badges of those in their care.  For example, care home or hospice.