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Adoption is a way of providing new families for children who can't be brought up by their birth families. The adoptive parents take on the legal rights and responsibility for the child, and the child becomes a full member of a new family.

There's a need for secure and stable adoptive homes for children of all ages, particularly for family groups of two or more children, and occasionally for children who have a physical or learning disability. The children needing adoption are often at school. We're particularly seeking to recruit families for children aged five to eight. Very few young babies are available for adoption.

Many of the children we place will exhibit challenging behaviour because they've experienced significant trauma in their formative years.

Prospective adopters should be aware the children can be in complicated legal situations, which may take some time to resolve.

Where possible, the birth parents and adoptive parents meet before the placement. The child may have contact - face to face or by letter - with their birth parents, siblings or grandparents throughout their childhood, if it's in the child’s best interests.

More information on how to become an adoptive parent is available in our leaflet:

Adopting a step child or relative

Our leaflet contains information about how to adopt if you're thinking of adopting a step child or relative:

Intercountry adoption

We offer a service to people seeking to adopt a child from overseas. More information is available in our leaflet:

Information on intercountry adoption is also available on the Scottish Government and the Department for Education websites.
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