Post adoption support

We offer a range of post adoption support services as we appreciate the challenges adoption brings.

We've monthly Adoption Network groups for adoptive parents across Aberdeenshire. These groups give adoptive parents the opportunity to meet, have a coffee and chat, and develop a support network. Speakers are invited to share information and experience to help adoptive parents overcome any challenges they face positively.

We also offer regular training to our adoptive parents. We welcome feedback from adoptive families so we can make sure the training is relevant to the needs of our families.

If you're an adoptive parent and would like more information on post adoption support or want to give us feedback, please contact our Duty Adoption worker.


Adoption allowance scheme

Adoptive parents are normally expected to meet the ordinary costs associated with bringing up a child or children. However, adoption allowances may be paid when:

  • certain criteria are met
  • unusual costs are, or are likely to be, experienced in meeting the adopted child’s needs

The allowance is means tested. A financial assessment is done to establish eligibility.

If you'd like more information on adoption allowances please speak to your Social Worker or contact the Duty Adoption worker.


Post adoption letterbox scheme

The letterbox scheme has been set up for birth relatives and adoptive parents to exchange information for adopted children, to enhance the child’s experience in terms of their dual identity and for important information to be shared. This is known as “letterbox contact”.

Our leaflet explains more about the scheme and what support is available:


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For more information, please contact the Duty Adoption worker:


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