Funding for childminders

Start up grants

New childminders can get a start up grant of up to £500. This can be used to contribute to the cost of purchasing equipment.

For further information and application forms, contact the Development Officer (Childcare Strategy) on 01467 536625.


Funding criteria:

  • Operate for approximately 48 weeks per year
  • Offer a flexible service to meet the needs of working parents
  • Promote social inclusion and actively encourage participation by children with special needs, or from lone parents low income or ethnic minority families
  • Ideally undertake the induction training offered through the Childcare Strategy and take advantage of other training opportunities offered by the Childcare Strategy
  • Make information about their services available to the Childcare Information Service
  • Operate in areas where there is an identified need


Applications are invited from groups, organisations or individuals who can create new or expand existing places or facilities in Aberdeenshire.


Grants for childminders providing out of school care

Grants of up to £500 are available to existing childminders who provide, or intend to provide, care for children before school, after school and in the school holidays.

This grant can be used to buy toys, games and equipment suitable for this age group.

For further information and an application form, contact the Development Officer (Childcare Strategy) on 01467 536625.


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