Day care for older people

Day care and resource centres for older people can help with personal care and daily living. They can give you support and advice with everyday problems and provide a range of social activities for you do during the day.


What is day care?

Day care is for older people, aged 65 or over, who are less able to get out and about, or need support to manage day to day tasks.

Some day care offers a specialist service for people with memory impairment in a safe and friendly environment. Through a programme of stimulating activities a small team of staff, experienced in working with people who have memory problems, give help and support aimed at restoring and maintaining a sense of self confidence, self esteem and dignity.

Day care is a place to meet and make friends in a warm, friendly atmosphere, where support can be given.

Our day care services aim to:

  • improve or maintain your quality of life
  • promote your independence
  • encourage friendships
  • provide social contact
  • meet your individual needs

Day care is organised by day care staff and volunteers and offers you a day out of your home and a break for your carer.

You can enjoy a nutritious and tasty meal in comfortable surroundings. There is a choice of menu and special dietary needs can be catered for.

More information about day care for older people available in our Guide to Day Care Services or you can contact your local day care service to find out what is available in your area.


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Where can I go?

Day care services for older people are available across Aberdeenshire. They can be in purpose built centres or within a variety of settings in the community. They may be held in residential homes. Two community hospitals, Insch and Rothieden, also offer day care for older people.

Find your nearest day care service or contact your local social work office.


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How would I get there?

You can be picked up by a minibus, which has a tail lift for people who use walking aids or who are unable to manage steps. Or, if appropriate, you can be picked up by taxi. If you prefer, you can arrange your own transport with family or friends.


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Will I have any say in how things are run?

Yes. Day care services are for you. We are always interested to hear your ideas about how the sessions should be run. We are keen to hear any suggestions you might have for new activities or outings. Regular meetings are held so that people who use day care services can be involved in decision making.

You will always be able to make choices whilst at day care service and will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

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