Services for children and young people with a disability

Each Children and Families team has social workers who work with children and young people, aged 0-18, who have substantial and permanent disability or medical condition. Some teams have a local area coordinator who can offer additional support to families. The teams are based around Aberdeenshire.

The team works in partnership with other agencies. They help families:

  • identify and prioritise their concerns
  • learn about service options
  • understand the Self-directed support process
  • understand and plan for their child's needs

This process is called an assessment and may lead to the provision of services. If services are provided, they are monitored and reviewed by the social worker assigned to your child.

Services are provided to support families and avoid disruption to family life. They should help minimize the effect of the child's disabilities and help children to lead as normal as possible lives.

Contact the duty worker at your local Children and Families team for more information.

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