Social care services for older people

We provide a range of care services for older people in the community. We work in partnership with the health service and other agencies to provide these services.

Find out how to get help and funding for older people care support:

View Adult and Older People Services privacy notice (pdf 297KB).

Check if you qualify for support

Most older people lead active, independent lives and are able to take care of themselves. However, you may need help from us if you are:

  • Becoming frail
  • Affected by a major illness or accident
  • Physically disabled
  • Coping with dementia, memory impairment or other mental health issues
  • Losing sight or hearing

To find out what care services you require we'll carry out an assessment of your needs. This is usually done by a member of our older peoples' team or someone from the community health services. The assessment is based on eligibility criteriaTo request the assessment you will need a referral which can be done by anyone, a family member, GP, etc.

Regardless of your financial situation you are entitled to an assessment free of charge.

Care services

Based on your needs assessment we can identify the appropriate services for your care needs. These may include:

How you pay for your care

Self-directed support gives you control over an individual budget and lets you choose how it is spent on the services supporting your needs. It includes options for getting support.

You will not be required to contribute more than it costs to provide the services. 

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