Services for people with acquired brain injuries

Acquired brain injuries are injuries that have occurred since birth. Injuries can occur as a result of:

  • a fall
  • road traffic accident
  • sporting injury
  • either striking against or being struck by an object

Our social work service provides both personal care and support services to people who have an acquired brain injury. We work in partnership with other agencies, such as health services and the voluntary sector to provide a range of health and rehabilitation services. 

For more information or to ask for an assessment for community care services, please call 03456 08 12 06.

Our aim is to deliver care that will aid your rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a process of change through which a brain-injured person goes, seeking to regain former skills and to compensate for skills lost. Its aim is always to achieve the optimum levels of physical, cognitive and social competence followed by integration into the most suitable environment.

People with acquired brain injury have access to mainstream social work services, subject to an assessment. These services are provided to people with a range of support needs and may include, for example care at home or day care services.

There are also services provided by voluntary organisations designed to meet the particular needs of people with acquired brain injury. You can access them directly or through the care manager assigned to you.

If you need help to look after yourself, or a relative or friend needs help, call 03456 08 12 06. A member of the care management team will arrange a visit to discuss your needs.

If you are in hospital or attending a clinic, you can ask to speak to social work staff based there.

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