Services for people with problems as a result of drug or alcohol use

Our social work service provides support to people experiencing difficulties from their own, or someone else's, misuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

Our Community Substance Misuse Team is an integrated Social Work and Health team. The team works with other agencies to provide a broad range of specialist services to help individuals and their families. 

If you wish, and are motivated, to address your drug and/or alcohol problems, a member of the community substance misuse team will arrange an appointment to complete an assessment.

The assessment will help you, and the worker assigned to your care, decide which services will best help you overcome your drug and/or alcohol related problems.

Services we can provide include:

The Community Substance Misuse Team can give you more information about any of these services. The team is based in our local social work offices.

Our information leaflet your charter and confidentiality leaflet (pdf 255KB) helps explain our service and what you can expect from us.

Information on needle exchange centres - Aberdeenshire needle exchanges (pdf 44KB).


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