Community substance misuse service care manager

Care managers from the substance misuse team are spread across a number of locations in Aberdeenshire.

The care managers work with you to assess your needs and purchase services to meet those needs. They will also directly provide a particular service such as working with you to change your pattern of behaviour.

Care managers also:

  • offer support, on a one to one or group basis, to people affected by substance misuse such as parents, partners, children, siblings

The drug or alcohol user does not need to be in touch with the service for those affected by substance misuse to receive this support.


Community rehabilitation

The care manager will work with people who wish to be supported in the community while they deal with their substance misuse. This work involves providing a range of psychosocial interventions. Referrals may be made to other team members or organisations for their specialist input, if this is appropriate.


Residential rehabilitation

Care managers work with people asking for residential rehabilitation. Before going to residential rehabilitation, your care manager will work with you, often over several months, to prepare you for rehab. This involves:

  • identifying the right programme and the most suitable centre for you
  • completing a financial assessment
  • addressing any childcare, medical, legal or housing issues

Most importantly, the work aims to prepare you for the programme you are going to enter, making sure you have every chance of success.



Care managers complete a community care assessment. This is done jointly with a CPN from the clinical team.

Care plans are prepared based on the single shared assessment. The care plans identify:

  • all aspects of work to be covered
  • the person responsible for covering the work
  • provide a time scale for this to be reviewed

 Care plans are always completed with you.

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