Garioch Family Support group

The Garioch Family Support group provides confidential support for parents or family members concerned about a relative’s drug dependence. It aims to:

  • help relatives develop appropriate coping skills
  • provide relevant information and advice
  • Let parents or family members identify their own needs and how these can be met

Our substance misuse service and Community Learning and Development support the group.


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What does participation in the group involve?

Two workers run the group, organising speakers and providing relevant information. But much of the learning and support happens among group members. The meetings cover various topics such as coping skills and drug awareness. It is informal and the discussions focus on issues raised that evening by group members.

If you do not feel ready to come along to the group, you can phone 07902 283177 and speak to one of the workers, or leave a message and we will get back to you.

The group also has an email address and can be contacted on


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When does the group meet?

The group meets fortnightly, on Wednesday evenings, and is open to anyone living in Aberdeenshire.

Financial support can also be given to those requiring help with transport or childcare costs.

Why not take this opportunity to meet other people, share experiences and explore ways of dealing more effectively with the situation. You would be made very welcome.


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What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is essential to any group where personal information and problems are to be shared.

Confidentiality will be discussed and agreed whenever anyone new joins the group.

We want members to be assured that they can feel safe to talk openly and that information shared remains within the group.


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Who do I contact?

For more information contact the Senior Community Learning Worker

Kemnay Community Learning Office
Bremner Way
AB51 5FW

Telephone: 01467 539853top of page

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