Services for people with sensory impairment

Our social work service provides a number of services for people with sensory impairment - visually impaired, blind, hearing loss , deafblind. We work in partnership with other agencies and the health service to provide a range of mainstream and specialist services.

Mainstream social work services are services which are provided to people with a range of different needs. They may include, for example, care at home or day care services.

Social work also provides services especially designed to meet the specific needs of people who are blind, deaf or have a visual impairment or hearing loss.

An assessment of your needs is done to find out which services you require - called a community care assessment. It is done by a social worker or a member of the visual impairment team.


Sensory impairment services:


Visual impairment services

Our visual impairment team provides a full social work, rehabilitation and mobility service to people with a significant sight loss and their carers.

We hold the register of blind and partially sighted people in Aberdeenshire. But our services are not dependent on being registered, and are available to anyone with significant sight loss.

We work in partnership with the health and community care teams, and with colleagues in education, to deliver an effective and integrated service.

We will visit you in your home to offer advice, support and access to a range of equipment to help you to keep your independence.

Our services include:

  • full assessment of need
  • helping you cope with everyday tasks, such as cooking, housework and personal care
  • demonstration of, and access to, a wide range of resources and equipment
  • training you in independent travel skills
  • providing access to specialist social groups
  • working in partnership with NHS low vision services and ophthalmology
  • accessing information in alternative formats
  • easy access to talking books and newspapers
  • helping you maximise reading and writing skills using new equipment and technology

 We also provide sensory awareness training in-house and to outside organisations.

For more information about these services or to make a referral please phone the visual impairment team on 01467 536700 or email Or you can contact your local social work office and ask for the visual impairment team.


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Hearing loss services

The term "deaf" is used to describe those with a hearing loss, including hard of hearing, deafened, deafblind and people who use British Sign


Our social work service provides services to deaf people and their families. Contact your local social work office to find out more information about what support can be given.


Deaf Action provides information, advice and specialist equipment to deaf people.

Deaf Action's service includes:

  • assessing and installing specialist equipment
  • advising on hearing loss and how to cope
  • information about services from other organisations
  • drop in sessions in locations around Aberdeenshire

For further information about the support Deaf Action can give you or to make a referral, please contact:

Deaf Action Inverurie Office
Inverurie Hospital
Upperboat Road
AB51 3UL

Tel / text: 01467 629 604
Website: Deaf Action


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Deafblindness services

People are considered deafblind if they 'have a severe degree of combined visual and auditory impairment resulting in problems of communication, information and mobility' (Breaking Through Report 1989).

We have an agreement with Deafblind Scotland to provide a guide communicator service. This service can be used to allow deafblind people to participate in local activities, go to college, or visit a friend.

The objectives of the service is to:

  • promote independence
  • provide stimulation
  • encourage integration into the community


The guide communicator acts as the eyes and ears of the deafblind person allowing them to participate in activities otherwise closed to them.

You can find out more about this local service by contacting:

Deafblind Scotland
21 Alexandra Avenue
G66 5BG

Call or text: 0141 777 6111


Referrals can be made by health or social work, or by self referral.


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Will I have to pay for services provided?

There may be a charge for some services. The amount you will be expected to pay will depend on your income. This will be fully explained to you by the person carrying out you community care assessment before you agree to a particular service. There is no charge for the assessment of your needs or welfare benefit checks.

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