The Caledonian System

The Caledonian System is a behaviour programme for men convicted of domestic abuse offences and support services for their partners and children. It is an integrated approach to dealing with men’s domestic abuse and to improving the lives of women, children and men. It aims at reducing the risk of re-offending, while supporting women and children. In Aberdeenshire it is managed by our Criminal Justice Social Work service.

Men’s programme

The Men’s programme encourages men to recognise their abuse and take responsibility for themselves and their relationships. It is aimed at men (16 years or over) who have been convicted of a domestic abuse related offence to a female partner or ex-partner. The programme is usually run in a group or up to 8 men. Occasionally it can be offered on a 1 to 1 basis if group work is not suitable for the person.

Women’s Service

The Women's Service offers emotional and practical support, safety planning advice, risk assessment and advocacy to women partners and ex-partners of men referred to the Men's Programme. It aims to reduce the risk to women and their children, and to improve women's social and emotional wellbeing. This service is voluntary.

Children’s Service

The Children’s Service offers support to children and young people whose father or mother's (ex) partner is on the Men's Programme. This service works closely with Children’s Services to prevent further harm. Making sure the child or young person is safe and supporting their emotional wellbeing.