Self-directed support - Option 2

As part of Self-directed support (SDS), there are several options for managing your care. Option 2 is one of these options.

You choose how the budget is used but the money is managed by someone else. This is known as an Option 2.

You can choose to have all or part of your individual budget paid to an Individual Service Fund (ISF) provider. A SDS payment card account will be opened in your name and managed by the ISF provider. They will also manage your budget. They may book trips or outings for you, or release money to you as needed.


There are costs for using an ISF provider, these are added to your individual budget. Your worker will be able to tell you what the costs are. 

Your contributions

If you have to pay a contribution, then you will be asked to pay this direct to your ISF provider every four weeks. You should contact your ISF provider to make arrangements.

Spending your individual budget

Your Individual Budget should be spent as per the outcomes agreed in your Support Plan. Your worker will explain this to you when you agree your Support Plan. Your ISF provider will also have a copy of your Support plan so that they know how the money can be used. If you are unsure what you can spend the budget on, please ask your worker to explain it to you.

Forms to complete

Your worker will ask you to complete some forms to allow us to set up your Individual Budget. Your worker will be on hand to help you complete the forms.

Financial Assessment Form

This allows us to calculate if you need to pay a contribution towards your Individual Budget. You may also be asked to sign a mandate giving us permission to access your financial information. This is a separate form. Your worker may ask you to sign this if your financial information requires to be verified.

If you do not wish to have a financial assessment carried out and are happy to pay the maximum contribution, then you will be asked to sign the appropriate section on the form.

Supported Person Agreement

You will be asked to sign an agreement to confirm that you understand your responsibilities of holding an individual budget. Your worker will explain terms of the agreement before they ask you to sign it.