Integration Joint Board representative

HSCP-Logo-CMYK-extra space.jpgIf you'd like to become a carer representative on the Integration Joint Board (IJB) this page has more information about how you are expect to behave, disclosure checks and what to do if role isn't what you expected.

A carer representative is someone who can represent the views of unpaid carers. An unpaid carer is a person, of any age, who provides unpaid help and support to a relative, friend or neighbour who can't manage to live independently without help. 

Standards of conduct

Aberdeenshire Health and Social care Partnership (AHSCP) staff need to follow standards of business conduct. We ask IJB representatives to follow these standards too.

Representatives may be involved in activities or projects which will bring them into contact with commercially sensitive information, for example when examining bids or business proposals for service developments.

Please do:

  • be impartial and honest in any official business you carry out for AHSCP
  • make sure the interests of carers and people who use services are paramount
  • disclose any of your other interests – employment, business or voluntary, which might conflict with your involvement
  • ask for advice from your contact person

Please don't:

  • accept any gifts, inducements or inappropriate hospitality
  • abuse your involvement with AHSCP for personal gain or to benefit family or friends or to benefit another organisation (voluntary or private), over and above the expenses you are entitled to claim
  • unfairly advantage one competitor over another or show favouritism
  • misuse or make available commercial in confidence information

Disclosure and the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme

We don’t expect representatives to need a disclosure check or to join the PVG scheme. But if it is needed, as the role develops, we will help you with your application process and pay any fees. We will also pay for a Scheme Record Update, if needed, if you are already a member of the PVG Scheme.

We will only do a Disclosure Check if you are going to be in direct and unsupervised contact with patients, people who use health and social care services, carers and the public. This will normally require a Standard Disclosure.

You can self-disclose any convictions or information which would be relevant to your position on the IJB on the expression of interest form.

AHSCP can request your membership of the PVG Scheme or a Scheme Record Update at any time. We will always do this in consultation with you.

Being a representative isn’t what you expected

Involving people in the work of AHSCP should go smoothly. But it may not work out for you, or it may not be what you expected. This may only become obvious after induction, once you have started going to meetings, or meet with other people. In most cases, problems can be sorted out satisfactorily and quickly through an informal discussion with your contact person.

Representatives to the IJB will be asked to sign an agreement before their appointment to the board. It states what is expected from a carer representative. The representative’s position on the board is reviewed after their first year in the role and may be extended for up to two years.

Should there be a problem with a representative which can’t be resolved informally, it may be necessary for us to put things on a more formal footing. If this happens, the representative will be told what to expect. It is rare for us to do this, but we may put in place a process which could lead to a representative being asked to leave.

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