Autism support

Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental difference. It affects how people communicate and interact. Autism is often talked about as a spectrum; this doesn’t mean a linear spectrum. It can affect people in different ways. Every autistic person is different and will experience the world differently not only to non-autistic people, but also other autistic peers. Autistic people have a unique culture and communication style.

There is autism specialist support available in Aberdeenshire, including third party organisations. Use ALISS to find help and support near you.

Adult Autism Assessment Team

Adults in Aberdeenshire can be assessed for autism. Assessments and diagnosis of autism for those 18 years and over is done by the Adult Autism Assessment Team (AAAT). You can be referred to AAAT, or you can self-refer.  

Autism Alert Card

An Autism Alert Card can help autistic people let others know that they might need support in unfamiliar or emergency situations. It can be personalised. You can add information that may help someone support you while you are out.

There are different autism identity cards available online from various organisations.

National Autism Implementation Team

The National Autism Implementation Team (NAIT) provide resources to support autistic people and members of the autistic community, including professionals.