IDEA project

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Our adult day services are in a process of transformation to bring them in to line with national policy and good practice principles. The key principle for service delivery improvement is to shift the day services for adults with disabilities from an exclusively buildings approach to mainstream community based opportunities for all.

The IDEA project stands for Inclusive Day services - Enabling Aberdeenshire. It is about improving day services for adults with disabilities.

We want to make sure:

  • everyone gets the service they need
  • people with disabilities are more involved in, and valued members of, their local communities
  • people are supported to fulfil their potential

Developing our adult day services

The information we have gathered  from our consultation and engagement process has helped us change how adult day services are delivered in Aberdeenshire. We have heard that people want to:

  • achieve the best outcomes they can
  • have choice
  • be included in their communities
  • be valued for what they can do

These principles now form the basis of how adult day services continue to be developed and transformed across Aberdeenshire.

Good Ideas event

The Good Ideas event was designed to showcase the achievements we’ve made in re-designing adult day services. It continues on from the IDEA consultations and shows how the ideas discussed with people using our day services and their families are being put into practice now. So the conference allowed everyone to showcase what they have done.

Watch our Good Ideas event video (duration: 5.30 minutes). 

Transformation of Harlaw Day Service

A recent study was done to find out and detail the learning got from the closure of the Harlaw Day Centre, which closed in August 2016 as part of the IDEA project. This was the first traditional day service building to “shut its doors” and evolve completely into a community based service.

View the Harlaw Transformation Report Carers Feedback. This report details the views of carers on the process, from the closure of the day centre to the future direction of the service.

Consultation and engagement

People using adult day services views

The first stage (Tier 1) of the IDEA project found out what people using our day services think. We commissioned Progress Scotland to meet users to find out what they liked and disliked about the day service and what ideas they had about what new day services should look like.

Reports were produced based on the findings of these consultations. The information in these reports helped design our new day services. View the Tier 1 reports.

Family carers' views

The second stage (Tier 2) of the IDEA project has been open discussions with family carers about what they think of existing day services and how they would like to see services developed. Seven events were held across Aberdeenshire. View the Tier 2 event reports.

Wider community views

The third stage of the IDEA project has been a series of events where a wide range of people who are involved in the community were asked for their views about how day services could be delivered in the community.

Reports are available summarising the process and detailing how community based day services will be developed through Local Community Development Groups. View the third stage reports.

More information 

If you would like to keep up to date with developments visit our Facebook page. This has more information about the IDEA project and inclusive adult day services.