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A Shared Lives carer shares hobbies, interests, communities, holidays and friends with people with a disability. The carer gives personalised support to help them make real choices in life. People are carefully matched by the Shared Lives Scheme.

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A Shared Lives carer:

  • lives in Aberdeenshire, on their own or with a family
  • has the time, energy and commitment to help a vulnerable adult live independently
  • provides a homely, safe, enjoyable and supportive place to stay or live

What a Shared Lives carer does

Shared Lives carers share their homes and lives. They offer practical and emotional support for up to two people at any one time. The support they provide depends on:

  • the person's individual needs
  • how much support the person needs
  • how much support the carer can offer

The Shared Lives carer is assessed and trained as a carer for the Shared Lives Scheme. Helping them to meet the individual needs of each person staying with them.

Shared Lives carer assessment

Shared Lives carers are recruited, assessed, approved and supported by the Shared Lives Scheme. Carers are assessed using the Shared Lives Plus framework.

The assessment includes:

  • a pre-application meeting
  • completing a Shared Lives Scheme application form
  • satisfactory references and disclosure checks
  • health checks
  • completed carer assessment form approval

Become a Shared Lives carer

This is a rewarding job you can do from home and make a real difference to people's lives. You will be carefully matched with the person you will be supporting, taking into account everyone's lifestyles, interests, needs and likes. Carers are supported by Shared Lives staff so you can offer consistent, individual and flexible care.

Shared Lives carers do get paid. The amount a carer gets varies according to the care and support needs of each person placed with them.

We welcome carers who are couples, single, with or without children, from differing cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with varied skills and experiences. Please contact us to find out more about becoming a Shared Lives carer.