Community Mental Health Team

Our Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) assesses, treats and manages care needs and provides support for people experiencing serious mental health problems. The team help you to live as independently as possible in your community.

We have 3 teams covering North, South and Central Aberdeenshire. They are integrated teams of different health and social care professionals - Community Mental Health Nurses; Health Occupational Therapists; Psychiatrists; Psychologists and Social Workers. The teams bring together many different types of knowledge, skills and expertise. They look at you as a whole person so you get the care, treatment and support you need.

CMHT services include:

  • Community Mental Health Nursing – supporting you to manage your health and providing treatment in the community
  • Occupational Therapy – working with you to overcome difficulties with day to day tasks that you need or want to do
  • Psychiatry – diagnosing mental health problems, prescribing medication and recommending treatment
  • Psychology - helping you understand how your thoughts and feelings affect your behaviour
  • Social Work services – providing help at home or with your social needs, including help with housing problems, financial support or general advice and support

How to access the service

Your GP needs to refer you to this service.

Contact your GP if you are experiencing a mental health problem. They will refer you to the CMHT if appropriate.

If you meet our eligibility criteria, a member of the CMHT will assess your needs. They will create a support plan to help your recovery and arrange the services you need.

Support for people with autism

If you are an autistic adult without a learning disability, and meet our eligibility criteria, the CMHT will assess your care needs and provide appropriate Social Work services.