Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee

The Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Committee is a multi-agency partnership. It is responsible for making sure agencies work together to protect adults who may be at risk of harm.


The committee is accountable to the public. Every 2 years the committee reports to the Scottish Government, publishing a biennial report. The committee also produces an Aberdeenshire Adult Protection Action Plan every 2 years.

View the biennial report and the latest action plan.

Case reviews

The committee considers case reviews as a key tool to develop our practice and make sure better outcomes for adults at risk. The process for case reviews is followed where it is believed an adult has not been kept safe and learning can occur in the Adult Support and Protection Partnership.

View the learning reports about case reviews that have been done by the committee in the last 2 years.


Engage with the committee to find out more about its work and to contact the committee members.