Children's Services

Service Overview

All Children's Services indicators fall under the remit of Education & Children's Services. An integrated service, it provides a wide range of services including schools, nurseries, early intervention and targeted support for children and families, child protection, cultural services, sport and leisure and community learning and development.

Our main objectives are:

  • To improve learning
  • To ensure an inclusive culture
  • To support the development of sustainable Communities
  • To encourage a culture of continuous improvement that ensures that our service is high quality, efficient and responsive to people's needs

We provide education and children's services to around 38,500 children, young people and their families


As a Service, we are currently reviewing our main objectives as part of developing our Service Plan for 2015-2018.

Where, to keep children safe, statutory intervention is required, Aberdeenshire Council is committed to keeping children in their local communities and in family based care. Where children require to live apart from their birth families, for the short or longer term, a full multi agency assessment of their needs is undertaken and regularly reviewed to inform the type of care and support required. Whilst the majority of these children are looked after in a family based placement there are always a smaller group of young people who require a different kind of support and residential care is a positive choice. Residential care can offer young people, less intense family type relationships alongside nurturing and clear boundaries and routines. Some residential settings will also offer on-site education for a specific group of young people who may require significant support in this area.

You can find out more about all our education services by visiting the council's website.
You can find out more about social work services for children by visiting the council's website.

Highlights for 2013/14

Aberdeenshire's Family Placement Service has been commended by the Care Inspectorate for providing professional support and training to our carers and retention of carers is high. The quality of placements offered to young people has also been graded as "very good" which takes into consideration positive outcomes for our young people.

You can view performance for 13/14 by clicking here

What are we doing to improve?

We are working on ways to improve school outcomes and we have a Raising Attainment and Achievement Strategy in place. This work will also feature highly in the 2015-18 Education and Children's Services Service Plan.

We will continue to monitor financial measures, particularly where policy changes may have an impact on performance.

We will explore the ways in which satisfaction data varies between sources and improving ratings has been identified as a priority for the 2015-18 Service Plan.

Further details on our planned improvement actions can be found by clicking here.

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